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Alex's Stuff ... watch this space!

Welcome to the gateway to Alex's unique part of the Beeworld website.

Here you will find links and pages to everything from paper doll downloads; antique doll collecting stuff; Alex's shop (coming soon); links to lupus / SLE links / common variable auto-immune deficiency sites and info. and many other constantly changing, weird and wonderful goodies and oddities that would only appeal to Alex.

This page and the pages it links to will be constantly changing, so make sure you bookmark our site and come-back often!

Alex's Paperdolls

History and downloads, comics and clothes - featuring Sindy, Bunty, Katy Keene & Misty.

* October 2012: Bunty, Katy Keene and Sindy pages updated!!! Now with even more vintage paper doll wardrobes, colouring books and comics ...

* January 2013: Even more Bunty paperdolls for you to download!


Last updated January 2013
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